Website Maintenance Services

Website Maintenance Services

Do you know the importance of website management? A business website if not kept up-to-date can appear less attractive to both visitors and Google. Often, once a website is launched, the importance of updating it regularly is underestimated. At My Web Lab, we offer professional website renewal, support, administration and care services.

High ranking and optimal performance of your website!

Focus on your business, the website update is taken care of by us!

Looking for website maintenance and management support?

At My Web Lab, we offer specialized technical support for website management using platforms such as WordPress, Prestashop, Magento, Joomla, and custom sites developed on any PHP framework. We provide comprehensive support to keep your site up-to-date, secure, and running at its best. Managing websites that were not originally developed by our agency, covering every genre and technical aspect. For us at My Web Lab, after-sales support, technical SEO advice and constant monitoring are essential; every client is valuable and deserves to feel like a priority, today and always.

Site care

What is the method of our website support and management?

To understand our approach to website management and support, it is important to distinguish between “maintenance” and website management. Maintenance ensures the up-to-date and technical operation of the company website. Considering that systems such as WordPress and its various plugins are frequently updated, it is crucial to keep them constantly up-to-date.

This is crucial mainly to ensure security and to ensure compatibility with the devices and browsers used by users. We offer daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly intervention plans, depending on the maintenance needs of the site. The frequency of these interventions is essential to keep the website compliant with current regulations, optimize it for performance, and prepare it for future expansions or improvements.

Sporadic interventions can also be arranged to address specific technical needs or problems. An example might be an upgrade to a higher version of PHP, where the site needs to be compatible and functional with the new version of the language. Other situations may include issues related to hosting service, optimizing page speed, introducing features required by search engines, or updates in site graphics.

Support Variations

Regular or Exceptional Support

In addition to maintenance, our service includes regular and exceptional support. Regular support ensures the optimal functioning of the website, while exceptional support is required in case of significant updates or a complete redesign of the website. These services are broken down as follows:

Regular Support: Ongoing website management to ensure the stability and responsiveness of the website, ensuring that all features are always operational and efficient.

Exceptional Support: Specific interventions that include major changes, such as the addition of new features, substantial user interface improvements, or a complete visual and structural overhaul of the site.

These two levels of support are critical to effectively responding to both day-to-day needs and more complex, customized requests, ensuring that each site managed by My Web Lab stays abreast of technological and market evolutions.

Regular Support

– Web site management;
– Installation of security updates and patches;
– Troubleshooting incompatibility problems; – Support for FTP access;
– Support for SSL certificates;
– Support for e-mail management;
– Regular backups and their distribution;

Special Support

– Corrections due to mishandling;
– Troubleshooting of malfunctions caused by external attacks;
– Insertion and updating of content; – Development of new web pages;
– Addition of additional features;
– Non-standard technical repairs;

We ensure impeccable attention to every site we manage!

Clients who choose our Dubai-based web agency My Web Lab to develop their websites are looking, above all, for expertise, quality, speed and professionalism. We offer them, and the companies that rely on us for website management alone, a thorough and carefully curated management service that constantly improves the site and ensures an effective and long-lasting online presence.

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